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Coated Stainless Steel Is Less Expensive Than FRP Duct!

PSP vs FRP Duct Case Study 3D Cover 12.13.21


Discover how PSP® stacks up against FRP duct in our Wastewater Odor Control Case Study.

Fab-Tech sets the industry standard for safe and reliable corrosive fume exhaust duct systems designed for reduced total installed costs (material+labor), easy installation in ALL weather conditions, and elimination of 100% of lifetime maintenance compared to alternative products.

Our wastewater odor control case study data demonstrates how PermaShield Pipe delivers superior value over FRP duct based on:

    • Optimized Installation
      •       Simple assembly process cuts schedule in half 
              Not affected by weather conditions 
    • Lowest Cost of Ownership
      •       Eliminates need for protective UV gel coating
              Eliminates regular cleaning for mold reduction
    • Reduced Insurance Premiums
      •       Does not burn or generate smoke
              Eliminates need for sprinkler system inside duct
    • Superior Corrosion Resistance
      •       vs FRP Duct
              vs Stainless Steel Duct
              vs Galvanized Duct
              vs Aluminum Duct
              vs Plastic (PVC, PP) Duct