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Boston Biotech Bioreactor Engineering & Field Services 

Providing Bioreactor Engineering , System Design, Fabrication & Field Services to the Boston Biotech Supernode Area:

Boston MA | Andover MA | Lexington MA | Framingham MA | Westboro MA | Norwood MA | Norton MA | Cambridge MA | Walpole MA | Milford MA | Burlington MA | Worcester MA | Bedford MA | Devens MA | Portsmouth NH | West Lebanon NH | Smithfield RI | Rensselaer NY

Our bioreactor engineering, equipment, and related field services include:

  • Bioreactor and Fermentation Design & Fabrication
  • Standardized Control System w/ Service & Training
  • Decontamination & Bio-Waste, Bio-Kill Systems
  • Batching, Blending & Dilution Systems
  • Single Use/Disposable Systems, and much much more...

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"We design and fabricate bioreactor/fermentation systems, centrifuge skids, CIP systems, buffer dilution systems, filter housings/skids, and other custom bioprocessing equipment as part of our full suite of turnkey biopharmaceutical solutions."

- Paul Brouillette, President BioPharm Engineered Systems

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